1989 : Born in Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture
2005-2009 : Architectural Course, Kure National College of Technology (Hiroshima)
2010-2014 : Textile Engineering Department, Musashino Art University (Tokyo)
Currently based in Tokyo and Shimane Prefecture

1989.08.19 島根県浜田市弥栄町 誕生
2005 広島県 呉工業高等専門学校 建築学科入学
2014 東京都 武蔵野美術大学 工芸工業デザイン学科 テキスタイル専攻 卒業
2014〜 東京都、島根県 作家活動

As a child, living close to a woodland, I was fascinated by the process of leaves withering, decomposing, and returning to the soil.
Through these experience, I chose the history and culture of Washi (Japanese traditional handmade paper) as a basis of my expression and have continued to express under the theme of memories in our time, changes in society, and human roots.

I encountered Japanese handmade paper while I was attending at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. I analyzed it carefully and developed the unique method of adding metal minerals to the traditional Japanese handmade paper making process to create “Sabi Washi” (rust paper).
I create this unique Sabi Washi from the raw materials that are carefully selected and combined by myself, and the paper I make is the only one in the world.
These materials I use express Japanese belief on life and death, praise for aging, Japanese unique view of nature that they accept aging and imperfection as beauty, and also the appreciation toward rustic simplicity, impermanence, and imperfection which is also familiar to Japanese tea ceremony. While the sustainability is placed as the most important thing in many cases nowadays, I am asking the question why we are continuously making the products that are not biodegradable and harmful to the earth such as plastic goods.
Using Sabi Washi (rust paper) and Japanese handmade paper that are made from kozo (mulberry), mitsumata (paper bush), and ganpi (Wikstroemia sikokiana), I create artworks, interior materials, and products. I make Sabi Washi (rust paper) using kozo (mulberry) from Shimane, Tokyo, and Toyama and iron sand from Shimane.

The main motif of my creation is to have the “tranquility” that I experienced in my childhood. The reason why I am attracted to the rusting and aging things is related to the events I played in the mountains when I was a child. My hometown, which is a rural area, is located in the deep mountains of Shimane prefecture. Since there were few friends around, I usually played alone in the woods or was watching the river. There are four seasons in Japan, so in autumn the leaves turn red, wither, and fall to the ground.  I was very excited about the phenomenon that the leaves were gradually broken down into the soil. The sense of this exhilaration became my motivation. I figured out that these events are real and the truth to the world.
  Of course, I was too young to express the feeling of this excitement in words at that time. But still, that feeling has remained and has led to my present artwork.
  Later, when I learned “Houjoki”, one of Japanese classics, and “Kusouzu”, drawn in the Edo period, my thoughts became even more certain.

Besides, Japanese paper has been handcrafted in Japan by the craftsmen in small towns and villages for about 1300 years. On the other hand, people start to sell so-called “washi” like paper which is made by mixed materials of non-Japanese kozo, grown in foreign countries in cheap price, with pulp and synthetic fiber. I have felt resentment against this matter, so I want to find the revalue of real washi through the expression of contemporary art.
  Furthermore, in recent years the viewpoint of sustainability is inevitable in many situations all over the world. And how we interact and coexist with humans and non-humans are major issues. Even though we, human beings, have continued to produce plastics which are non-degradable materials, things that actually “rust”, “ decay”,  “get old” and, “return to the soil” should not be denied but be considered rather beautiful.  These aging processes show the “tranquility” and represent the “principle of equality of living things”. I want to know why all the organisms are designed to age in their DNA, and also I am seeking the answer for the existence of human beings.



研究の末、独自の漉き方でたどり着いた紙(手漉きする際に、金属の鉱物を混ぜた「錆和紙(SabiWashi)」)をはじめ、今後も楮や三椏、雁皮、 金属の錆について研究し、制作を続けています。作家として活動するようになり、地元島根県の和紙や鉄の素材、東京や富山の原料を扱うことに重きを置いて制作しています。


咲 穂 / S A K U H O

“Solo Exhibition”
2012 “Nocturne song 8th change 2nd major” ⁄Ber nocturne
2013 exhibition―Paper making “SABIWASHI”― ⁄SHING TONG
2014.06 Open Studio “SABISHI” ⁄Higashiyamato municipal fifth junior high school
2015.03 “Going serenity” ⁄Shinjyuku Non Finito gallery
2017.07 “Fourth Nature” ⁄Art space morgenroto
2019.10 Asahi Kasei Corp. will collaborate with “Sabi Washi” (rust paper) creator Sakuho Ito in holding “ReBORN”, an art exhibition that
expresses biodegradable nonwoven fabric which is made mainly from PLA (polylactic acid) as a decaying beauty.
/ @FICTION / New York
2021.07 Hiroshima Innoshima project : coming soon

“Group Exhibitions”
2007 ITSUMIKAI Architectural Design Competition /Jury Special Award
2008 “OMNIBUS” ⁄ Hiroshima National Institute of Technology,Kure College
2009 “memento-mori” ⁄ Tachibi Arts Festival TOKYO POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Award
2012 “Five Art College exchange exhibition” ⁄ Musashino Art University
2013 “Five Art College exchange exhibition” ⁄ Itochu Aoyama Art Square
– “Relation A” Jinen’ s Art Studio
– “interiorlifestile h concept”⁄ Tokyo Big Sight In Musashino Art University booth
2014 Musashino Art University graduation exhibition
– “Graduation exhibition” ⁄ Aoyama spiral
– “Craft Industry Exhibition” ⁄ Roppongi le bain
– “JOIN”Jinen’ s Art Studio ⁄ Azabujuban Gallery
– “MUSABIRU” ⁄ Higashiyamato municipal fifth junior high school
– “FAD FEAR” ⁄ Artcomplex Center
– “Kamiarizuki,Iwami’s paper and spirits dance” Sekisyu-Washi Design competition
Sekisyu-Banshi Technical Committee Award
– “Coexistence exhibition 2”
Japanese cypress,Koji,Washi,Sound / Shinjyuku Non Finito gallery
– “Associate Exhibition2014” /Musashino Art University Presentation of Research Assistant Collaborative production
2015 “Coexistence exhibition3” / EARTH+GALLERY
– Milano salone Satellite 2015 Exhibit
2016 “HARUKANARU IRO UTSUROI NO MANAZASHI” / Shinjyuku Keio Plaza Hotel
– “MITSUKOSHI ART CUBE” ⁄ Nihombashi Mitsukoshi
– “KAMIGAMI Paper is Japanese spirit” / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
2017 “Tokyo KIMONO show 2017”Installation Art “ZEN Circle” 
– “Japanese light exhibition2017” Installation Art “TOKINE”
/ Meguro Gajoen hundred-step staircase
– “Hyper JAPAN Illuminight” / London,Tobacco Dock
2018 “Tokyo KIMONO show 2018”Installation Art “Silence”
– “Japanese light exhibition2018” Illumination Art “Heartbeat”
– “TOKYO ILLUSION” ⁄ Dali Art Center Taichung 
2019 14th Tagboat Award Exhibition / acceptance
– “Japanese light exhibition2019” Installation Art “Gravity”
/ Meguro Gajoen hundred-step staircase
– New York / White Box / Emerging Tokyo
– Daikanyama , Tokyo / Art KAIHOUKU
– Ginza , Tokyo / Art KAIHOUKU
– Meguro , Tokyo / TAGBOAT × Meguro Gajoen hundred-step staircase
installation art 「PLANET ReBORN」
-Art KAIHOUKU NIHONBASHI THE E.A.S.T Nihonbashi Tomizawa Town

2014 “88 Exhibition” Shimane’s ingredients, Rice and Shimane sake / Shinjyuku Non Finito gallery 
2015 “Sakuho AN” Food event and Permanent Exhibition / Shinjyuku Non Finito gallery
– “Business trip! Consultation furniture store WOODWORK CENTER ”TAIKEN ICHIBA”
2016 Wood work & Cultural workshop, Paper making instructor
/ Futako Tamagawa Yume Campus
2018 “IRODORI SAI” Tools used Japanese Tea Ceremony “USUKI” Produce by SEISOUKEN
/ Nihombashi Mitsukoshi


1989.08.19 島根県浜田市弥栄町 誕生
2005 広島県 呉工業高等専門学校 建築学科入学
2014 東京都 武蔵野美術大学 工芸工業デザイン学科 テキスタイル専攻 卒業
2014〜 東京都、島根県 作家活動

2012 「夜想曲第8番変二長調」 Ber nocturne 内
2013 exhibition―錆紙漉き―シントン内
2014.06 東京都東大和第五中学校 公開制作 「さびし」
2015.03 「静けさを行く」 新宿ノン・フィニートギャラリー
2017.07 個展「第四の自然」 art space morgenroto
2019.10 旭化成(Material : PLA) テクノロジー × ARTコラボレーション
「ReBORN -Regeneration Beyond Our Rust Notion-」
New York Chelsea / FICTION
2020 出雲大社 奉納 / 現地制作 新型コロナウイルスの影響により延期 実施調整中
2021.07 広島県 因島project :近日公開
2021.11 東京都内 個展開催予定
2022 埼玉県 個展開催予定

2007 五三会建築設計競技コンペティション 審査員特別賞
2009 東京 「立美祭」 memento-mori 東京工芸大学賞 ギャラリー賞
2010 僕とアナンモザイクアートコンペティション 佳作
2012 「五美術大学交流展―結―」
2013 「伊藤忠青山アートスクエア/五美術大学交流展」
2013 「Relation A」 グループ展示 Jinen’ s Art Studio
2013 「interiorlifestile アッシュコンセプト」 MAU ブース
2014.01 武蔵野美術大学 卒業制作展
2014.01 青山スパイラルガーデン卒業制作学外展
2014.02 六本木 ルベイン (le bain) グループ展
2014.07 「JOIN 展」 Jinen’ s Art Studio 麻布十番ギャラリー
2014.09 「FAD FEAR」 新宿アートコンプレックスセンター展示
2014.11 神在月 ・ 石見の神紙 (かみがみ) が舞う 石州和紙デザインコンペ 石州半紙技術者会賞
2014.11 「共存展 2」 檜・麹・紙・音 無名館より 新宿ノン ・ フィニートギャラリー
2014.11 助手展 2014 武蔵野美術大学助手研究発表 作品共同制作
2015.04 ミラノサローネ サテライト 2015 Exhibit
2016.04 「遥かなる色、 移ろいの眼差し」 二人展 新宿京王プラザホテルロビーギャラリー
2016.07 「MITSUKOSHI ART CUBE」 日本橋三越
2016.12 「紙神」 3 人展 東京都美術館
2017.05 東京キモノショー2017 インスタレーション作品「円相」 日本橋三井ホール
2017.07 和のあかり展 インスタレーション作品「時音」 目黒雅叙園百段階段2017
2017.11 ハイパージャパン Illuminight ロンドン Tobacco Dock
2018.05 東京キモノショー2018 インスタレーション作品「黙」 日本橋三井ホール
2018.07 和のあかり展 作品「鼓動」 目黒雅叙園百段階段2018
2018.07 TOKYO ILLUSION/東京幻境  台湾 Dali Art Center Taichung
2019.06 第14回タグボートアワード展 入選
2019.07 和のあかり展 インスタレーション作品「Gravity」 目黒雅叙園百段階段2019
2019.08 「カミノシワザ」 展 FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA
2019.12 Emerging Tokyo Exhibition /New York / White Box
2019.12 アート解放区 代官山Tenoha /Collaboration and subsidy by 旭化成株式会社
2020.02 アート解放区 銀座高木ビル
2020.02 東京羽化 Tokyo Emergence / 中国成都 成都藍頂美術館 → 新型コロナウイルスの影響により中止
2020 東京都目黒雅叙園 百段階段 和のあかり展 展示 予定 → 新型コロナウイルスの影響により中止
2020.09 東京都目黒雅叙園 百段階段×tagboat 展示 インスタレーション作品「巡る」「Rust Beat」
インスタレーション作品 「PLANET ReBORN」
2021.03 「TAGBOAT ART FAIR」 エリア 27
2021.04 アート解放区 日本橋 THE E.A.S.T 日本橋富沢町

2014 「88展」
2014 大分復興 大分のデザイン事務所の内装の一角を制作
2015 咲穂庵 料理と常設展 新宿ノン ・ フィニートギャラリー
2015.05 出張!相談家具屋 WOODWORK CENTER 「たいけん いちば」
2016.03 二子玉川夢キャンパス 木工 & 文化のワークショップ 紙漉き講師
2018.09 「彩り祭」星霜軒好み 錆和紙緑青薄器 展示 日本橋三越
2018.09 島根県石州和紙久保田 研修(2017.09~2018.08)
2019.01 和食新店舗 内装一部 /錆日の丸 他 サンフランシスコ
2019.01 AOYAMA Treehouse 会員制BAR内プロダクト制作
2020 目黒雅叙園 百段雛まつり2020 出雲・因幡・萩ひな紀行
2020 AOYAMA Treehouseレセプション作品制作

作品購入サイト情報/Purchase information

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